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Skill - diversen

  • 18 wheeler fire truck You are a truck driver and you are carrying water barrels. The road is full of bumps and obstacles so you have to be very careful in order to keep them in the truck. Reach the finish point in each level without losing too much barrels. Good luck.
  • Blows Smasher Get ready to pop some bubbles! Bubbles are flying up and you must pop them all before they exit the screen from the top! Click to pop the bubbles, avoid dangerous bubbles and collect power-ups. How long can you last? Have fun!
  • That Plane Game You are a little plane alone in the big sky. Enemy boats and planes are trying to shoot you down but you will fight until the end! Control the plane to pull off crazy stunts, avoid traps and collect stars. How long can you survive?
  • Dead Penalty game Kick the balls at the oncoming undead hordes to stay alive.
  • Combat Hero Adventures Follow Max on an adventure to avenge his family that takes him across the galaxy and confronts him with a whole host of colourful characters!
  • Feed us: Lost Island The hungry piranha doesn't stop bothering the humans! Blood is his only source of nutrition and power, so he will attack any living thing in sight.
  • Truck Loader 2 If you have never played the part as a truck loader then you'll surely get addicted with this game! Play Truck Loader 2 and start loading the boxes!

Skill Flash Games

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Mario games

  • Super Mario Bros 2 Ready to play as Mario? Get in for another adventure and fun. Fight against enemies especially the monster boss. Help Mario save his Princess Peach!
  • Super Mario Crossover Play this mario game with different characters. Click enter and choose player. Every player has different abilities, some of them shooting, some of them jumps higher.
  • Super Mario Bros Deluxe The famous Mario Bros is back in another adventure, this time in a flashback to a version that was released for the Game Boy Advance
  • Super Mario Shoot Zombies Oh no! Zombies come into the world of Mario! Princess in danger! Mario! Quickly! Shoot them, defeat zombies.
  • Nimble Mario 2 Jump on the blocks, collect coins, find keys to open all doors and pass to the next level.

Shooting games

  • Heli Crane 2: Bomber
  • CF Bloody Battle
  • Orca Attack! Have you ever wanted to get challenged? Then maybe it's time to play Orca Attack. Let's see if your technique would help you win in the game.
  • Beach Defence Do you think you have enough strategy to protect your own from your enemies? Then you might be prepared enough to play Beach Defence and start killing them.
  • Pirate Sniper Shootout Are you used to shoot using a silent but deadly weapon called sniper? Well you will probably enjoy playing 'Pirate Sniper Shootout' and start shooting.
  • Airport Shootout


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Alles over SkillgamesSkillgames zijn vaardigheidsspellen, waarbij de uitkomst vooral wordt bepaald door mentale of fysieke vaardigheden. De meeste spellen impliceren ook een zekere mate van kans (zoals bij dobbelen, speelkaarten of coin flip). Bij bijvoorbeeld poker is dit het “bluffen” en andere vormen van psychologische oorlogsvoering. Bij skillgames online is het vooral het beheersen van het spel en de verschillende mogelijkheden die er zijn via controller of toetsen. Er zijn ontelbare spellen op de markt, van eenvoudig vermaak tot geavanceerde oorlogsspellen of fantasy.
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Voordat een spel gespeeld kan worden, wordt er meestal reclame vertoond. Dit kan soms wat hinderlijk zijn, maar dankzij deze sponsors kunnen de betreffende websites de spelletjes wel gratis aanbieden.